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Flat Bar

HR Flat, also known as hot rolled flat bar, is used universally in repair and fabrication in all areas from agriculture to transportation.

Our HR Flats are available in the 10 and 20 FT lengths. As one of our most popular steel requests, we carry flats in these sizes: 1/8″ • 1/4″ • 3/16″ • 3/8″ • 1/2″ • 3/4″ • 1″


Square Bar

Hot-rolled square bar steel is used in many fabricating applications. The solid core provides additional strength and stability to your project.

Our square bars are available in 10′ lengths, and these square sizes: 3/8″ • 1/2″ • 5/8″ • 3/4″ • 7/8″ • 1″ • 5/8″ • 3/4″ • 1″



When it comes to solid rod steel, we have what you need for fabrication and repairs whether for industrial or agricultural, or other applications.

Our cold rolled steel rounds are available in 12′ lengths, and in the following diameters: 1/8″ • 1/4″ • 3/8″ • 1/2″ • 5/8″ • 3/4″ • 1″

Our hot rolled steel rods come in 10′ lengths and are available in the following sizes: 1/4″ • 3/8″ • 1/2″ • 5/8″ • 3/4″ • 1″


Angle Iron

Steel angles are used in a variety of projects – from bracket support to framework and fabrication, to reinforce, and even for decoration.

We carry an extensive supply of the most commonly used sizes of Angle Iron in 10′ and 20′ lengths. Just let us know what you need and we can have it for you.


H-Beams, I-Beams, and Channels

H-beams and I-beams are used in construction as structural components to resist bending and buckling from downward pressure. H-beams are recognized by their wide straight flanges. The flanges on I-beams are tapered.

All beams and channels are available in 10′ lengths.


Pipe & Tubing

Used in a variety of fabrication projects, we have a wide selection to help you get your project completed quickly and efficiently with minimal waste. Whether you’re working on fencing, gates, roll cages, truck racks, handrails, braces, supports, and so much more, we’re here to help you.

Pipe: Schedule 40 – 10′ 6″ length
Schedule 10 – 1-1/4″ dia avail 8′ and 13′

Tubing: Square and Rectangular
Available in 12′ or 24′ length


Steel Sheets & Plates

Along with the traditional handyman and commercial uses, you can get creative with Sheet steel. Turn a wall into a magnetic surface for a child’s ABC’s or as Grandma’s Photo Board. Use it as a backsplash to hold recipes and coupons.

Our plate and sheet steel is available in 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 10′ sheets.

1/32 – 22 GA • 1/16″ – 16 GA • 5/64″ – 14 GA • 7/64″ – 12 GA • 1/8″ – 11 GA • 9/64″ – 10 GA • 3/16″ – 7 GA • 1/4″ • 3/8″ • 1/2″


Expanded and Treat Plate

Expanded steel sheets have a variety of applications both in businesses and for the homeowner – from using it as a grilling/BBQ surface, as a cage for AC units, patio furniture, light diffusers, to security screens.

Treadplate is perfect for use where you need non-skid surfaces – walkways, stairs, ramps, etc. It also works well on walls where hygiene is a concern. It can be used for small jobs like tool boxes, or as vehicle kick plates, and in the beds of pick-up trucks.

Our expanded metal and tread plate is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets. Ask us about delivery options if you can’t come in to pick it up.

Expanded Metal: 3/4 x 9 Flattened, 3/4 x 9 Regular, 1/2 x 13 Flattened, and 1/2 x 16 Flattened

Tread plate: 14 ga, 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″


Obsolete Steel

We carry a wide and ever-changing selection of steel that was originally intended for other purposes and has been given a chance at a new life.

We call steel that has been cut down, or modified, “Obsolete” steel. It is housed in our facility and is available to you.


Reclaimed Steel

We call stock that we have recovered from scrap, “Reclaimed”. We have a wide variety of reclaimed steel available – pipes, tubing, H beams, flats, angles, and surprises!

Our reclaimed steel is not protected from the environment so rust and imperfections are to be expected. However, we share the savings with you.